Takasaki is a city located 100km northwest of Tokyo – just one-hour away by the Shinkansen bullet train. The city has a population of over 370,000, and is famous as an industrial hub. Takasaki is well connected to other main industrial areas in Japan, with a dense network of expressways and high-speed train lines, thus contributing positively to Japan’s growth.

The city has modern business and industrial parks where leading companies develop cutting-edge technologies, solutions and products in fields such as machinery, metals, chemicals and waste disposal. It is also the home of world-class research institutes, bio-industry and an advanced pharmaceutical industry.

Takasaki is a city rich in tourism resources, including abundant nature and places of mystical energy. Places of interest include the White-Robed Goddess of Mercy statue, the Haruna Shine, and Lake Haruna where people can enjoy leisure activities all year round. It also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year and a fireworks display said to be the largest in northern Kanto.


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